I wanted to express an opinion as regards to the present instabilities throughout the world at the present time, and also to mention the many personal dysfunctions we all suffer in health and in life’s rough and tumble to which we are all subject. The macrocosmic reflecting the microcosmic. In other words the dysfunctions of the world reflect the personal interior perturbations we all suffer, or enjoy!

We are about to enter, for the northern hemisphere, the darkness and the aloneness of winter time; a period that is meant for us all to be reflective in mind and to be less active in body, if we are to be close to nature’s changing seasons. Energetic accumulation during winter time is essential if we are to enjoy good health for the remaining months of that year. Natural rest before activity – yin before yang.

It is a relatively short epoch (two months, known in Ancient Rome as Saturnalia) and it enables us to monitor the way we have been behaving towards others, and also to face the difficult introspective task of being truthful to ourselves. It is so necessary to question whether there is a requirement to improve our interior being, not only with one particular interest we may possess, but how we should be with all the other subjects and issues in all the departments of life.

After all, what is the point of mastering a particular activity, such as to earn popular recognition and increased mammon, yet simultaneously not improve the way we speak, the way we dress, and be aware of our body language as well as the need to cultivate good manners.

These very basic points do determine to a large extent our general health for the following new year; namely: our attitudes, strengths and weaknesses.

The way of, or the way of our world as just described, namely: not adhering to the rules of the seasons and more, in this way, produce a lot of business for our Clinic, in the form of the giving of healing in its many forms. We at Alexalign Clinic do not have to stand outside of it, waiting for prospective patients to receive treatments to be yanked off their feet with a long pole curved at one end to fit the outsides of their necks to be pulled through into its entrance.

In the old days of vaudeville theatre, to obtain a good size audience, a man would be employed to pull into the theatre a prospective customer passing-by with such a device, thus a good size audience would be assured as well as the yanking off stage of those unfortunates who were not good enough with their performances!

Happy Yuletide to one and all……

About alexanderbarrie

English.Married.Son at University. Physician Natural Medicine.Founded Pelvic Correction System.Teacher Hatha Yoga. Musician.Composer.Writer.
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