I have been asked to explain further the post, I had the temerity to publish a week or more ago. Though I mentioned the Roman Saturnalia pre-Christian era, I did not speak of the relevant dates and other important matters in content:

With our present Gregorian (Pope Gregory VIII 1582) Calendar, the 60 days of darkness, contemplation and reduced activity, begins more or less around 21st December (Winter Solstice – shortest day) and continues for 60 days until 18th/19th February of the following year.

There is a certain mathematical splendour given to us in creation, and a part of that attribute, that breath-taking realisation is presented to us as the Heavenly Zodiac and its Twelve Divisions or Signs – The Zodiacal Signs that surround the Earth. These are the 12 great ‘departments of life’ and in each department there manifests an aspect of life. The twelve aspects therefore cover all possible features, items, issues, subjects and objects in existence, and in the world, and are all categorised within the Twelve.

60 days covers exactly 2 Signs of the Zodiac as each Sign of the Zodiac is traditionally given 30 equal days in length. This totals the 60 days.

The relevant Zodiacal Signs associated are Capricorn for the first 30 days, and Aquarius for the second 30 days. Both these Signs of the Zodiac side by side are ruled by Planet Saturn. As with all Planets (Planet from the Greek meaning: Wanderer), Saturn has a male and a female manifestation. The female manifestation – night is given to Capricorn, and the male manifestation – day is given to Aquarius.


How Cosmic Capricorn works for us, is by its principle imposing on our lives: caution and restraint and the recognition that success in all its forms comes with hard-work and the learning of lessons by the inevitable mistakes we make during our lifetime. Also the appreciating and the Seeing of the long-view and the gaining of wisdom because of it. This means respect for the law in all its forms that assist the creation of safety, fairness and justice for all. It means also the preservation of all that is good, and it therefore rules Tradition – Tradition that brings stability to an unstable world. These attributes are the feminine side of Saturn’s influence where care, safety and security are dominant. The traditional but esoteric Element is Earth. Earth’s true meaning psychologically: all that is mundane, practical and viable. Key word: Formulation.

How Cosmic Aquarius works for us, is by its principle imposing on our lives: the value of solidarity with the many, and the necessity of developing knowledge and skill whereby man and woman may enjoy the matters in life that have gravity, meaning, purpose, sanity and civility. It is the invention of institutions that favour development in art, science, engineering, design, medicine and the dissemination of any of the intellectual gains from these subjects for the many. It means the welcoming of the new if it is of true value to the world – Invention, Creativity and Altruism means that humanity does not stagnate. Ideally, spiritual development should be simultaneous with technical development?!?!?!?! Whatever, these attributes are the masculine side of Saturn’s influence where intellectual curiosity, learning, and dissemination of knowledge to uplift mankind are dominant. The traditional but esoteric Element is Air – Air’s true meaning psychologically: blue sky thinking/revelation. Key word: Inspiration.

It may now be perceived by the reader that planet Saturn rules gravitas, seriousness and a sense of purpose in all things. Thus, the 60 days mentioned above has to do with deep thought, contemplation and meditation as suggested in my previous blog: A Reckoning. Confidentially, monasticism and prayer is a Saturn invention.

However, because those 60 days can be such a drag to so many, and particularly those cultures that enjoy fun and excess, especially irresponsible fun, such as with the ancient Romans, Saturnalia was established to enjoy 60 days of partying and debauchery to enable the getting-through of that most difficult time of year.

This worst and most difficult time of year, considered as such by many individuals, states and nations of that time, and perhaps of the present age, was to muddle through without suffering too much depression, by instituting fun and games, sex, drugs and sausage-rolls on this 60 day trial of guilt, but then, in modern times it calculates from 60 up to 365 days of profligacy, lunacy, dissoluteness, licentiousness, recklessness, godlessness and prozac as normal!
In medicine, words such as: Crepitus (a Saturnian word) from which we derive the word: decrepit, describes perfectly the deterioration of a bony joint that makes a grating sound when in re-articulation/action. Crepitus is the name given to that sound.

Saturn being the Lord of the Planets is also described by the Ancients, quite rightly, as Father Time. The natural acceleration and deterioration in the process of ageing that none of us can escape, is ruled by Planet Saturn. This is why the ancient Greeks considered that the greatest gift to a person was his or her premature death just before reaching old age. Thus, could be avoided the indignity and the decrepitude and the helplessness of this last remaining epoch of a human lifetime.

It is interesting that musically speaking in Holst’s – The Planet Suite, very rarely is the superb and sublime music that describes Planet Saturn is ever played. People do not realise what they are missing with this beautiful piece of music written from the genius of Gustav Holst. Throughout the piece the beat of time is emphasised most wonderfully and subtly with a profound sense of resignation as to the end of life that is revealed towards and at the end of the piece.

Of course, you may try what the 120 year old man would do each day to avoid the Angel of Death’s sweeping scythe. Because he ate a pound and a half of raw garlic every day, he was able to skip the calling. When the Angel of Death entered the old man’s bedroom at midnight and tapped his shoulder as he lay in his bed, the old man would turn his head around to breath towards the Angel profusely; saying to it as he pushed his breath out: “and who are you hoo hoo………”!

Further, what is generally not recognised by the medical profession both Orthodox and Alternative, is that CREPITUS need not be a normal feature of bony joint deterioration with most of us, regardless of what doctor says! He/she is blissfully unaware that if our pelvises could be stabilised – most of them, [pelvises] being dislocated and that includes the reader reading this, then we would not suffer pain, arthritis and degenerating bony joints – all that can be happily avoided easily.

For further understanding of this conundrum see: and:

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