A Fascinating Journey into Neutralising Excruciating Human Pain

Alexander Barrie knew long ago, mid-twentieth century, even as an adolescent that he had the unusual capacity to heal and to comfort others to help relieve them of their ailments – not all ailments of course, but just a few that were common to so many.

Twenty years had to pass though, before he could employ that attribute by transforming it into a discipline that could be deployed in such a way truly as to benefit the individual.

Through an interesting set of circumstances, Alexander was inveigled into the world of Chinese Medicine (TCM). He was already well trained into the Hatha Yoga discipline (BKS Iyengar style), and had studied the art of Macro-biotics (a term its founder George Ashawa later regretted because it smacks of some new doctrine when in fact macro-biotics is the ancient way of engaging with food).

In addition, the study over many years of Astrology became an essential ingredient in his comprehending human behaviour in all its wonderful, fascinating and ugly manifestations (as they say in Yorkshire: There’s nowt so strange as folk). Known in ancient times as Astronomie, when Astronomy and Astrology were one and the same; Astronomy being the study of the science and the physics of the universe, and Astrology of the inner meaning of the why and the wherefore and the effects space and its inhabitants have on all and everything including all living things.

The sum total of these interests including those subjects not mentioned (just as Noel Coward made it known that it is best to leave the audience sooner than later so that they want more of you). In the same way, he reserves the right not to reveal all the many other subjects that command his attention.


Alexander was fortunate in being absorbed totally into the Oriental Bodywork mode of healing with its wide range of therapeutic modalities. It seems that he was fortunate enough to be ‘a natural’ – learning the relevant techniques for him was like remembering skills that he already knew long before, in a distant land within a different life, inside a previous incarnation!

In actual practice, he soon noticed that almost everybody he treated, multi-ethnic and more, suffered leg length discrepancy – one leg longer or shorter that its partner leg. Almost inevitably this was/is always tied to these patient’s musculo-skeletal aches and pains – as with: lumbago; sciatica; hip, knee and ankle pain. Neck; shoulder; upper arm; elbow and wrist. Not to mention BACKPAIN with all its painful ferocity upper, middle and lower.

The conundrum presented as described above, as Alexander saw it was: what was the mystery that engendered leg length discrepancy? Over a period of months and years, he became witness to the discovery of the obvious cause of this irregularity, so commonplace: the pelvis was culpable. The pelvis was to blame because he observed that its three major components: its two wings (ilia) serried to its sacrum and its first three lumber vertebrae (lower spinal segments) were dysfunctional or put another way: dislocated.

We have arrived now, and have entered into the realm of: the osteopath and the chiropractor. Many of his patients had experienced treatments with these very able therapists, but most only enjoyed temporary relief and the remaining patients either had no relief or were made worse in their accursedness!


Working empirically on himself and with others in time, the code began to be cracked. It was at first like hitting a brick wall, in that ordinary doctors and orthopaedic surgeons were blind to the dislocation theory; but this was no theory. Applying to four cardinal points of the body, two at the pelvis either side and at a point situated on each ankle at the medial malleolus (inner ankle), he could determine the different types of lesions/subluxations/dysfunctions/dislocations the whole pelvis suffered, and therefore find the cause of all the other attendant musculoskeletal dysfunctions. Anomalies such as with all the different joints and sections of the body – sections aforementioned above in paragraph seven.

Naturally, that is, for him naturally, Alexander set-about finding the remedy and remedies for this universal corrosive condition because if he took one hundred people off the street at random and checked their pelvises, only perhaps three of that one hundred enjoyed their balanced pelvis because it was aligned. Ninety-seven of them would have dislocations in varying degrees which accounted for their aches and pains; digestive and lung problems and even herniation of the intestinal wall, and more.

It seemed that the dislocation of the pelvis also caused misalignment of various vertebral groups of the spine including the spinal segments of the neck. Segments of the spine act as dominoes do: one domino moves out of kilter and most of the others follow their anomaly.

It is true absolutely, that distortions of various segments of the spine translate downwards/inferiorly and also affect adversely the integrity of the pelvis. In the variations of the state of health of our visceral organs, distortions to their associated segments of the spine will manifest and do so via the nerve routes (facilitated segments/vertebrae).


We homo-sapiens are impatient and we cannot wait a lifetime to be physically perfect let alone mentally or emotionally so. It may take years to improve the performance of the visceral organs and therefore enjoy an aligned spine. As mentioned above: these organs are intimately associated with the various segmental vertebral groups of the spine – anomalies in one will create similar anomalies in the other. Then, if we can at least keep our pelvises resonant, and we may via the various techniques under the aegis of the Alexander Barrie System of Pelvic Correction™, we can enjoy more than 90% control of eliminating our pestilential aches and pains.

With many years experience, Alexander began to see the necessity of the re-alignment of the spine and the pelvis as being an essential ingredient to improve general health – we may suffer this particular health problem or that particular health problem, but without true re-alignment of the spine, so wonderful and so powerful and so enervating and so elevating when experienced, we cannot enjoy full and abundant health at any age.

Alright, we know now the various types of pelvic dysfunction there are, and we know how to fix each type of subluxation. The great dark dilemma is that, following an adjustment to the spine and the pelvis, only with one person per hundred does the pelvis stay to its true angularity – ninety-nine of us will re-experience the same anathema of pain and ache.

To the rescue come the various self-corrective techniques, mostly developed at Alexalign Clinic over the years. That’s alright and good, but with so many people, their pelvises will suffer one type of lesion on Monday only to be followed by another type of lesion Thursday. The technique that worked Monday will not work on Thursday.

Though these techniques work well and only take a minute or so to perform and can be carried-out more or less anywhere at any time, a patient cannot know which technique to employ because he/she cannot know which pelvic lesion they are suffering today?


Therefore, Alexander invented a technique that returns the pelvis to its integral angularity regardless of the type of irregularity it suffered on a given day. That is when the idea of the Pelvic Corrector came into being. This idea was built on the technique, already known by many professionals as the pulling of the knees towards each other against a solid object when sitting, followed by pushing the knees away from each other against a solid object – such as with The Backchamp (which was Alexander Barrie’s original invention).

Results were and are a bit hit and miss with this method, but it has merit. The Pelvic Corrector Ring Device without moving parts on the other hand is much better to employ and to use and the technique it executes, a technique more sophisticated, will correct the pelvis regardless of the type of lesion/dislocation manifest that day.


This extraordinary device may be used by most people, as long as they are aware of the necessity to participate in their own re-habilitation. It means regular daily usage of the device – three times a day if possible. The only requirement is a place to sit-down to execute it and it takes no more than two minutes to carry-out. The device is relatively light in weight and may be carried about anywhere.

Eventually the pelvis begins to stabilise with most of us, so that the Pelvic Corrector does not have to be engaged continually. The actual technique that the Pelvic Corrector executes also increases heart rate, and  thus gives powerful exercise, even for two minutes, and therefore additional health benefits are enjoyed.

When executing this technique, allow the lungs to breathe as they wish, do not interfere with the body’s need to behave in a certain way when doing this wonderful and unique Pelvic Correction.

Thousands of people are now glad they can control their pelvis. It means to them freedom from pain and with the knowledge of being able to spiral out of what seemingly is a terrible conundrum, they can carry-on their lives without handicap.

Life requires balance and order. The late J. Krishnamurti said: “one’s mind craves for order”. It became obvious to Alexander Barrie that all illness is really an imbalance of the Human System. Strive for balance in life and it becomes livable.

Pelvic Correction was born out of viewing a given person’s body as being asymmetrical. Instinct told Alexander of the need to bring back into balance not only people’s physical interior bodies but assist them also in balancing their vital organs via Oriental Medicine which means mostly Bodywork. Thus, emotional and mental states were and are improved as well.

About Sabine Kurjo McNeill

I'm a mathematician and system analyst formerly at CERN in Geneva and became an event organiser, software designer, independent web publisher and online promoter of Open Justice. My most significant scientific contribution is www.smartknowledge.space
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