David Hawkins

Dear Alexander.

A very big ‘thank you’ for literally getting me back on my feet.

When I visited you some 18 months ago I had aching feet, knees, shoulders, neck and hands.  As a result of this inflammation I could hardly walk more than 50 yards and had difficulty even getting out of a chair.  One specialist diagnosed arthritis and the use of drugs, and another that I needed orthotics, as I had one leg shorter than the other.  Both failed to right matters.

Upon examination by you it was established that I had a badly twisted pelvis, not one leg shorter than the other. This was probably caused by years of playing sports such as squash and golf.  You advised that I would need to play a major part in my recovery as my pelvis would need to‘re-learn’ its correct position.  You were confident that within a year I would be back playing racket sports and golf.

After regular treatment by you and by daily use of your Pelvic Corrector I was able to play racketball within 6 months and golf within 1 year.  The change in me is amazing as I had become depressed by inactivity.  Now I am back to being my normal optimistic and lively self.  As recommended by you I use the Corrector morning and evening and before and after any physical activity.  I shall continue to visit you each quarter to ensure all is well.

Thanks again for helping me to get my life back together.

Best regards

David Hawkins