Sabine McNeill

I suffered a car accident in 1973 when I had a whiplash and a dislocated hip, because the driver had fallen asleep and the car fell 25 feet. I remember thinking “This must be the end, this must be the ocean.” We had crossed Freeway 101 in California in the opposite direction – on the way to Lawrence Radiation Lab where I was supposed to spend two months away from my employer CERN in Geneva, Switzerland.

I have not had a single pain-free day since and learned a LOT about ‘pain management’, health, wellness and a wide variety of therapies.

Since 2006 I got ‘hooked’ on hot Yoga as the most effective approach to reach what other therapies hadn’t reached. I blogged about my progress here.

When, thanks to the magic of the universe, I was recommended to see Alexander, I was most impressed by his combination of osteopathic adjustments and treatment techniques.

He also made suggestions for exercise and other ways to help in my healing process.

Every treatment is different, and I am confident that we will succeed in ending 42 years of pain!