Wei Felber

I wanted to bring to your attention a unique and singular person: Alexander Barrie who is living and working in Harrow North West London. He is worthy of having his story told as he is a gentleman of great interest and curiosity as regards himself and his unmatched Work and Interests!
For instance, Alexander has discovered a way to enable people suffering back-pain, which is most of us, to enjoy relief and be in control of our lives once again.

Alexander’s main work and research, is at the cutting-edge of back pain cure – his being a Physician of Natural Therapy; therapies based on Japanese, Hindu (Ayurveda) and Chinese traditions.

He has treated thousands of people over the years; especially those with musculoskeletal aches and pains – 25 of these years at his Clinic in Harrow. People attend his Practice from all over United Kingdom, Australia, Europe and United States and have gained tremendous relief from pain and also from various pathological conditions.

Back-pain is at top of the human-race’s illness list global-wise. As much as 85% of any population  of the world suffers from back-pain at certain stages of its life and, I happened to be one of these unfortunates.

My name is Wei Felber. I was one of Alexander’s patients. I was born in Beijing and my parents were both medical doctors. My father though Chinese, practiced as a Western Doctor but was also had been trained in the Traditional Chinese Oriental Medicine discipline. Until today, 13 years after he passed away, I am still known as Doctor Wu’s daughter to people there in China; I do not even know some of them personally.

The Chinese medicine philosophy that my father impressed on my mind when I was a child influenced me profoundly through my life, and its principles are uppermost in my mind especially so, when I travel to and through European countries. The more I travel the more I realise how
precious the wisdom of the Yellow Emperor’s scripts were/are*. The Yellow Emperor’s understanding of the universe and of humanity and their co-relationship, is so profound; it made and makes me proud of being Chinese.

I have had a weakness in the lower back since I was a child. My lower back delinquency became an acute problem shortly after I graduated with a Master’s Degree from Brunel University West London in 2004. Following 3 years of struggling with excruciating pain and with only some very
little relief from receiving acupuncture and herbal medicine treatments, I had given up on trying to cure myself because I knew something else was needed that would compliment the workings of Chinese medicine and Acupuncture, and was later to be found when discovering Alexander
Barrie’s System of Pelvic Correction. Meanwhile, I had decided to undergo an operation that the NHS offered me which was to trim-off 20% of the herniated disc between the 4th and the 5th lumbar vertebra of the spine. The operation eased-off most of the pain, but left me with permanent
numbness in my left leg. The hospital told me that there was nothing more they could do for me. I was on my own.

A colleague of mine introduced me to Alexander Barrie who is a Shiatsu Practitioner and Cranio-Sacral Therapist. I was very much suspicious of any other medical discipline except for Chinese medicine, but I made an appointment with this Physician and visited his Clinic with huge doubt in
my mind.

The treatment that I received from Alexander was both familiar and new. I am knowledgable with all the meridians and the points of TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine), but I had never received a form of body work which works on the whole body and all of the Meridians.

I felt a great difference after two treatments, as if Alexander had nurtured and revived my dead numbed leg. I began feeling life and energy motioning along the left troubled leg again. I was amazed and fascinated by Alexander’s work. After two years of receiving regular shiatsu
treatments from Alexander, I had decided to undertake a Shiatsu Course; to become a Shiatsu Practitioner. Alexander helped me to change the course of my life for the better. Indeed, I am now practicing at his Clinic in Harrow North West London full time and treating at this juncture more
than 20 patients a week.

Alexander Barrie has a tremendous amount of energy; he carries a big reasonability at the his Clinic; seeing dozens of patients every month. You can actually feel a discreet life-giving force that comes from years of experience in his Work.

Alexander Barrie is an Alternative medical genius, and a passionate musician. He is also a Hatha Yoga Teacher, Author, Astrologer and practices Qigong daily.

I hope more people will benefit from his Work and know about his existence and talents. In my opinion he is a priceless asset for the community at large both at home and abroad.

August 2014
Wei Felber
Alexander Barrie’s Website: http://www.alexalign.com

*Treatise on the Principles and philosophy of Ancient Chinese Medicine.